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This e-mail program is dedicated to all families and friends of Vietnam Veterans that gave the 'Ultimate Sacrifice' in a land most could not find on a world map.

When the Veterans that did return from Honorable Duty serving their country, they were disgraced, spit upon and despised by many Americans. The reason was due almost entirely to Lt. John Kerry who helped propel the movement, VVAW, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, into the political limelight. He did this while still an Officer in the United States Navy.

"Medals do not make the man,
Morals do"
- Don Bendell, a highly decorated Green Beret

As many Americans probably know by now, that John Kerry, after only four months in Vietnam, testified before Congress in April 1971, that he knew of or heard about other Vets who,
"personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the country-side of South Vietnam ....."
Kerry also testified to Senator William Fulbright's Committee that "America was engaged in genocide, that he and his warrior comrades had perpetrated atrocities, that their officers knew and approved of it, that our Leaders were 'war criminals.' "
If John Kerry and his comrades knew of specific Veterans who committed these atrocities, as he did, he should have come forward and reported these abuses to higher Naval Commanders. His silence is almost as despicable as his claims.

Our POWs in the Hanoi Hilton became instant 'War Criminals' because John Kerry's 1971 testimony was broadcast into their cells so they could hear a U.S. Naval Officer accuse them of atrocities. Before his testimony, John Kerry, in 1970, as a VVAW Executive Committee member, made his first of two trips to Paris and personally met with the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Representatives.

John Kerry's photograph, taken in July 1993, as a member of Clinton's delegation to Ho Chi Minh City to turn over three million microfilm copies of captured Vietnam War Documents to Communist representatives for their war museum. This photograph, with those representatives, hangs in a place of honor in the "War Remnants Museum" in Ho Chi Minh City. My wife and I visited that same museum in the late '90s but failed to see that specific photograph.

In my opinion, he helped prolong the war and cause many more deaths of our servicemen. Aiding and abeting the enemy is called treason in our Constitution (See 18 U.S.C section 953, Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution). John Kerry should have been prosecuted instead of labeling him a 'war hero' by his Democratic friends.

Click here for Proof of these Claims
(To get the full effect of what Kerry and his comrade VVAWs said they witnessed or participated in, click on "Atrocity Claims" when the website comes up. It will sicken the worst of all criminals)

The New Soldier by John F. Kerry
(John Kerry will not let his publisher reprint this book. The Cover shows the VVAWs hoisting the American Flag upside down reminiscent of the Iwo Jima Flag raising.)

Combat Vets Against Kerry

To help expose Senator Kerry for his unbelievable claims, I would like for every Vietnam Veteran to E-mail me at or with the following information about their service in Vietnam. I mainly would like to know if any Vets have heard of these claims or rumors that support his claims.

1. Dates of your tour(s).
2. Name, Rank, Branch of Service and Status.
3. Your position while in Country
4. Your e-mail address


8/8/64 - 11/65, Dennis E. Hickey, Major, USAF (Ret), B-57 Aircraft Maintenance Officer, Tan Son Nhut AFB, Bien Hoa AB, Nha Trang and Danang AFB.

I would like to hear from all Veterans of all branches of service who served honorably in Vietnam, including CIA, Civilians and Newspaper or TV Reporters.

Then, when I have sufficient coverage of dates and areas within South Vietnam, I will forward each Vets information to National Newspapers, Radio and TV Talk Show Hosts and influential Senators and Representatives. Maybe they will publicize this information like they have with the "Swift Boat Vets for Truth."

Swift Boat Vets for Truth

Please forward to all Veterans who have ever served, your family, friends and all Americans. Please forward any comments you may have. Thanks for your time.

A Personal Note:
My personal reason for attempting to expose John Kerry is because of what he tried to do to all Vets with his 'Atrocity Claims.' I immediately thought of the thirty plus friends shot down over North and South Vietnam, men that worked for me, men that I worked with and others that paid the "ultimate sacrifice."

I have had the awful assignment to inform Loved Ones that, " The President of the United States regrets to inform you that .... "

They also did not return from Vietnam like John Kerry and I did. Every American needs to visit "The Wall" to see how many were really 'dishonored' by his comments. I am still angry about what he did to all Veterans.

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